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* Sunday, August 3, 2008 *

/since we last used our brains

i am who i am
6:29 PM
* Thursday, July 17, 2008 *

the blog's dying down again..so to make it alive..here are some updates:

-Andrea: SMU (School of Law)
-Vicki: NTU (Business??)
-Sherlyn: NUS (Nursing)
-Callista: NUS (FASS: Psychology)
-Sze Yin: NUS (Science: Life Sciences)
-Ying Le: NUS (FASS: Geography??)
-Marianne: NUS (Medicine)
-Hui Lan: SMU (Business)
-Peiquan: SMU (School of Business)
-Adeline: SMU (School of Business)
-Sylvia: NUS (Pharmacy)
-Talia: SMU (Accountancy)
-Yikka: SMU (School of Business)
-Kenneth: NS/NUS (Science?)
-Jun Jie: NS/??
-Keith: NS/??
-Ze Xuan: NS/??
-Aizad: NS/??
-Chin Hian: NS/NTU (Accountancy)
-Chen Ee: NS/??
-Wei En: NS/SMU (School of Economics)
-Hayden: NS/??

*hi everyone, please update which unis you are going or what you are doing now exactly by editing this post..or if you know others' one, pls help to edit..i only type in what I know..hehehee...thanks..=D

-peiquan signing off-

i am who i am
7:45 PM
* Sunday, June 22, 2008 *

I have a feeling Pei Quan will regret the day she gave me the password during jap class. LOL.
Marianne >.<

i am who i am
1:58 PM
* *

Oohhh... so this is the class blog.

First time i've actually signed in. hahaha omg how on earth do you make a picture your background? sorry. blogging noob here! ahaha. anyway please learn to appreciate the beauty of uchiha sasuke. i m still traumatised that itachi suffered a horrendously tragic death.

i am who i am
1:48 PM
* Wednesday, May 28, 2008 *
Hi, 08/06!

I think we have not organised a class outing/gathering for a very long time..where majority of us can meet and have fun together..!? hehee..

So are you all free on 7 JUNE 2008, SATURDAY, from 10am onwards?

We were thinking of the following itinerary @ DOWNTOWN EAST:

10.30am : meet at Pasir Ris Interchange, then take bus/walk to rent bikes

11am~1pm : cycling round the park?

~1pm : Lunchtime

~2 pm (after lunch) : Bowling (if you all dun like bowling, then it would be a free & easy time, can go anywhere =P)

~5pm : If possible, we can meet for dinner also!

So please inform US as to whether or not you can go.. You can come and meet us anytime if you are not free in the morn..just give us a call.=D

Also please feel free to edit this itinerary until fri, by which the itinerary will be finalised.

Otherwise, if all is good, RSVP to US = PQ or Callista


-pq & hang-

signing off

i am who i am
12:44 AM
* Friday, May 2, 2008 *
hi all!

seems like i've missed out much frm this blog, as can be ssen by the title of this post (Just came back from a cave in the middle of NOWHERE) ! but the other posts look interesting..jiayou everyone, and write more, so we can all kaypoh. andrea says she will post something, so i'll put up a post..

i'm currently doing admin at a bank, which can be brainless at times..but, i'm still tired at the end of the day from staring at the computer's screen. *yawns* but i'm also not very looking towards school, cos terms are really short. which means exams come round the corner every now and then. not to mention projects and deadlines!

so, we must all play and enjoy while we can, before school starts. oh and NS guys, hope u'll b able to enjoy the weekend breaks too =)



i am who i am
11:38 PM
* Saturday, April 26, 2008 *
*gasp* i finally logged in too! had a bit of a problem [we're still using old blogger, and theres "@hotmail.com" as part of our username - btw, incase theres another idiot like me]

hmmmm.. seems quite outdated, since callista mentions fencing. i did take up piano lessons, but stopped in the end. learning driving is enough. :D erm, and preparing for interviews.. i had my nus law interview today, and it didn't go very well -_- i dug my own grave by mentioning i support the death penalty [lol] then later mentioning how im outraged how some innocent ppl get convicted wrongly.. so they asked me this chim qn: which is worse, when an innocent person gets convicted wrongly or when a guilty person walks away free because he has a gd lawyer? dots. both are bad, i think the former is worse, and too bad about the latter, thats just how things work, money makes things possible. how sad. *sigh*

okay, i think the ECP outing idea is great! [lets cycle!] but, plan some less strenous activities too ok, sylvia hurt her toe.. =/

im not working. [since feb!] im STILL enjoying my hols aka slacking. lalala. i know some army boys mighT be, dare i say it, envious... but, im gg to work soon! sooN! er, like, 2nd week of may. my friend is asking me to join her at lee and lee [a law firm], doing admin stuff. wonder if, i'll get to know more abt a lawyer's life, and whether this area of law [conveyance and property] is suited for me?? and i pray, that i'll have the energy to stay at this job for more than one month. ahem, setting realistic goals here.

to close off this post, i want to wish good luck, hmm, no erm, wish the guys at army lots of willpower and energy to serve the nation... and i wanna congratulate huilan for getting a smu offer to study business. i think its really commendable, and im happy for her cuz thats what she really wants. [so clear-headed! unlike myself, who was wavering between law and other stuff..] To my other classmates, DO post about yr plans for the future, what to study, where u're gonna study, good news, bad news, anything. 0806 will be here for u =D [well, most of us] and it shouldnt be too embarrassing to post anyway since probably not many people read this blog *looks around* [nope, dont see anyone]


oh nice pics junjie. ^^ next time record audio. :P

andrea. ><
"tjc" is also part of our username. go figure!

i am who i am
12:09 AM